References & Skills

Professional References:

  • James Burgin – Brandwithin – Owner/Operator

828 N. 6th Avenue, Phoenix AZ. 85003

Office Phone: (602) 253-1678

  • Grant Galbraith – Arbor Landscaping – Owner/Operator

311 Maple Ave. Vienna Va. 22180

Office Phone: (703) 255-7473

Transferable Skills:


  • Computer Proficiency: I have mastered many different types of computer programs like; Microsoft Office Suite, Sonic Sound Forge and Acid, Pro-tools for Apple, Red Hat, and Mac OS-X.

  • Communication/Negotiations: Due to my years of mortgage collections, I have developed an acute skill in communicating and/or negotiating financial obligations with many home owners about their delinquent payment status. Further, this experience allowed me the opportunity to realize many negotiation techniques which allowed me to help many desperate customers.

  • Accounting: Due to years of running my own business, I have developed a heightened sense of accounting practices which has been solidified by classroom instruction.


  • Leadership: I have spent most of my professional and private time demonstrating skills in leadership by always practicing what I preach. Moreover, by always setting an example and/or demonstrating how a job should be correctly done by my subordinates, I’ve developed a more effective managerial style.

  • Openness: Since my professional experiences have been so diverse, I have developed openness to the complexities of cultural diversities in the workplace by acknowledging the customs or beliefs of the people around me.

  • Humility: Due to my years of battling Multiple Sclerosis, I have developed a heightened sense of humility that has served me very well throughout the last eight years. This humble feeling within seems to transpire to those around me because I’m constantly reminded that I am no better and/or important than those around me.

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