Resume 2012 pdf

Objective:   To obtain a position within any mass communication organization that would permit me to utilize the vast amount of real-world business experience along with my newly acquired college degree.

Education:  (BIS) Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies: Business and Mass Communication

ArizonaStateUniversity    Tempe, AZ   May 2008   GPA: 4.09



  • Supervised the activities of 3 separate commercial landscaping crews and provided management with daily progress reports.

  • Promoted (OSHA) Occupational Safety and Health Administration standards for 2 years in the automotive repair industry.

  • Facilitated negotiations between line level employees and middle management for a major financial institution.

  • Provided IT network administration for an emerging multimedia corporation.


  • Planned and organized live concerts for not only personal musical endeavors, but for other local bands as well.

  • Handled scheduling responsibilities and conflict resolution for all landscaping crews in a supervisory position.

  • Selected appropriate team members for different projects and placed complimenting team members together to achieve better results.

  • Developed the creative brief for a self owned landscaping company and structured the best way to disseminate the advertising agenda.

  • Endeavored to create a horizontal web presence for Across the Fader.Com. (.Org,.Net,.Fm,.Biz,.Us,.Tv,.Info,.Cc)


  • Informed existing and potential fans of upcoming events and projects for a professional entertainment group through the development and use of an internet web page.

  • Negotiated payment arrangements for delinquent mortgage accounts through creative financing techniques.

  • Informed individual club owners of up and coming musical acts that were creating a local “buzz”.

Projects:    Analyzing market feasibility: Conducting research through the use of an opinion survey that would highlight the major concerns for local customers of landscape services. This information was not only used to position the business in the local market area, but to also provide a clear consumer benefit for potential customers.

Band Promotions:  Orchestrated a strategic marketing plan that included the free exploitation of band events through the use of local media outlets like the Phoenix New Times. Furthermore, product recognition was facilitated by using several types of outdoor ads like posters, stickers, flyers to name a few.

Computer Skills: Windows, Linux, OS-X, Joomla,Wordpress, Adobe CS5 Suite, Office Suite, Sonic Foundry Acid and Sound-Forge, Apple Logic, Pro-Tools, and Final Cut Pro…and growing.

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